Our Hunts

All of Sage Mountain Outfitters hunts are 4x4 spot and stalk hunts. Obviously there will be some walking, stalking, involved. We can help to manage whatever you may physically require or how energetic you desire to be. The comfort & warmth of a nice 4x4 pickup seat often beats out an ATV or cold saddle at 20 degrees.

We offer choose of weapons to our clients, and provide 100% of our ability to get you shot opportunity. Success for our clients is Sage Mountain Outfitters goal using ethical hunt tactics as well as our many years of knowledge pursuing wild game.


Antelope hunts are conducted within hunt areas: 59, 60, 64, 91, 92, 94, 95, & 99. Most of our hunts are conducted out of our base camp located in Mt. View utilizing our cozy bunkhouse, on occasion we use our newly purchased camper or one of our spacious wall tents to stay on site. Regardless of choice it will be a great adventure with plenty of home cooked food & drink to warm your belly and quench your thirst.

Our trophy quality runs in the mid 70 to 80 range with exceptional trophies going 80 plus. We use a ground blind when it is advantageous to our client.

Mule Deer

Deer hunts are within hunt areas 90, 92, 96, 97, 102, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, & 168. Areas 102 and 130 are our Trophy class hunts with opportunities of 180” or greater. The balance of the areas can and do produce exceptional deer, but you should expect realistic score of 140 to 170 with the occasional 180 +.

Again, we operate out of base camp, camper, tent or motel. We try to make sure it’s the best suit for our individual client’s needs or request. We want our hunters well rested and happy!


Elk hunts are conducted in hunt areas 24, 25, 27, 30, 31, 32, 100, 106, & 107.

Areas 25 and 27 are swamped with private ground, most with no possible access at all making it a challenge to hunt. Areas 24-30-31-100 have opportunity at 320+ class of bulls and larger. Areas 106 & 107 produce fewer big bulls, hope for a 300” bull or less is where it’s at. Area 106 & 107 are base camp and the balance is using Camper, tent, or motel.


Moose hunts are in areas 2, 27, 30, 35, & 44, (44 is currently closed). These hunts are typically out of base camp.


We also, out of popular demand, offer pre-scouting in all our areas and for any species. Let us know if it’s something you might prefer and we’ll let you know what all it includes.


We invite you to contact us for current pricing or any questions.

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Sage Mountain Outfitters is licensed, insured and permitted to operate
on Wyoming State land, BLM land, and leases within our permitted territory.

License # BG-151